Meet Nina

Nina is a experienced professional photographer.

She is a specialist in weddings she is the ultimate creative and easy to work with.

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“There is so much variety to being a photographer, from meeting the clients, photographing the day, and designing albums or something beautiful for the wall, every step is unique and exciting!”

“I have been doing photography for 8 years, I started taking photos even when I was at the University. I graduated from the School of Photography courses and received a certificate! And then began my long journey into the world of pictures…”

“Photography for me – it’s not just an image, the transfer of emotions, moments of life, events, for me – is the ability to empathize and feel everything that happens behind the scenes, to catch every emotion and experience it… and then show people how alive they can be, real and bright in those moments when they really are themselves!”

“What I find truly inspiring about being a photographer is the ability to freeze a special moment in time.”