Meet Liza

Liza is a very skillful and experienced professional photographer.

She has a passion for photography with the ability to find beauty and joy through the lens.

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“I have graduated the fine art school at the Hermitage Museum, and in 2003 I started working as a professional photographer on movie sets. My long journey through cinematography with the best  directors of photography was the greatest school for lighting and beauty. I watched and learned every day as beautiful shots were created right in front of my eyes.”

“Then in 2011 and new wind blew into my sails and I moved to the Dominican Republic. This was really a random decision that has changed my life completely.”

“The reason I am a photographer remains the same for me even after 13 years of work – to preserve memories, to bottle them, just like dandelion wine, and then, with time, to enjoy every sweet drop.”

“Each shot is unique for me because YOU are unique, because the moment, which will never happen again is unique.  You are together with your beloved, friends and family. Is it not the best excuse for a photo shoot? 🙂 And you have come thousands of miles to a new country, to breathe in a different air full of new impressions. And finally it’s your Big Day, dear! Is it not a good reason to find the best photographer in Punta Cana? Because you deserve the best!”